Transactions performed via the payment gateway are added to specific daily batches. This includes batches from the giving portal or text giving. 

When a transaction is created, the system looks for a batch matching the following:

  • The posting date is the same day as the contribution that was just charged.
  • The name of the batch corresponds to the payment gateway and payment method type used. For example, if you are using the Authorize.Net payment gateway and a contribution comes in using a credit card the batch name searched for would be "Authorize.Net (Credit Card)." If it was ACH, it would be "Authorize.Net (ACH)."
  • If the payment gateway being used supports settlement reporting, then the batch is in the "Pending" status. Otherwise, the batch status is "Open."

If a batch matching the above criteria was not found, one is automatically created and the transaction is added to it.

Every hour, the system will communicate with the payment gateway to determine if any of the pending transactions have been settled. If they have, the status will automatically update to "Paid" and the settlement date will be added to the transaction.

Changing the Name of the Batch

There may be times when you want to change the name of the batch the system creates for these transactions. This can be done from the contribution settings screen.

Click on "Contributions > Settings" in the left hand navigation and select the "Options" tab. Under the "Batches" section, there are options regarding how the automatic batches work. The following options are available.

  • Automatic Batch Name Template - this is the name of the batch the system will use when determining where payment gateway transactions should be located. You can add placeholders for the current date ({date}), payment gateway name ({gateway}), and payment method ({payment_method}). These will be replaced as appropriate depending on the transaction being added. The default ¬†format is {gateway} ({payment_method}).
  • Update batch posting date with settlement date? - if your payment gateway supports settlement reporting, having this checked will cause the posting date on the batch to be the same as the settlement date for all transactions in the batch. However, this will only happen if all transactions in the batch have the same settlement date.

Once you make the changes, click on "Save" at the bottom of the screen.


Syncing for settlement information should happen automatically every hour. However, if you would like to perform a sync manually, you can do so from the batch. Navigate to the batch and then click on "Sync with gateway" in the "Actions" menu.

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