You will need both the Limited Phone and Reporting permissions to perform this action.

To get started, navigate to the People Query Builder by selecting "Reporting > People" in the left hand navigation.

From here, construct a query which targets the people you are interested in sending the phone message to. For more information on writing queries, see the "People Query Builder" section on this page.

After you are finished writing the query, select "Send Phone Message" from the "Actions" drop down.

A pop up will appear with the following fields:

  • Type - the type of message being delivered. Currently only "Automated" is available. This option allows you to type the message for the system to read once someone picks up the phone.
  • Voice - the voice to use; either male or female.
  • Message - the message that should be read once someone picks up the phone.

Once you have completed the required fields, click on "Send Phone Message" to place the phone calls to the targeted people.

Helpful Tips

  • Avoid entering any text that cannot be read aloud (i.e. no HTML)

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