Reconciling is the process by which you match any payments processed through One Church with actual deposits into your bank account. This article contains some tips you can follow to help make the reconciliation process much easier.

Important: make sure BEFORE you decide on this gateway that you are able to perform the tips below. If you would like to avoid this altogether, we recommend going with our preferred partner instead, PaySimple.

Transaction Cut-Off Time
Make sure your transaction cut off time is set to 12:00 am in Authorize.Net (based on your timezone). One Church automatically generates batches from online giving grouped by day so this is important. Otherwise, the batches may not match in Authorize.Net (i.e. a transaction could be on a certain calendar day in One Church, but on the next day in Authorize.Net).

Transaction IP Velocity Filter
If you expect to process many transactions within an hour (i.e. a large number of recurring schedules), we recommend to adjust this filter as appropriate. If you process more than the threshold set in this filter, it will be flagged as suspicious and will need to be manually approved before being processed.

Request to Deposit Gross Amount
Request for Authorize.Net or your processor to deposit the gross amount and bill the fees separately. This will make a world of difference and will make reconciling payments via credit cards a breeze since the deposits will exactly equal the amount given in One Church.

ACH (Bank Transfers)
ACH is a little more difficult to reconcile due to the holding period they impose (which credit cards do not have). After enough processing history with Authorize.Net, you may be able to eliminate the holding period entirely. That will make it much easier to reconcile. 

In the meantime, reconciling basically involves figuring out how many One Church batches equals one deposit in your bank account. This involves some trial and error in matching the One Church batches with the deposits. After a while, you will begin to see a pattern and more easily find the number needed to balance. Unfortunately, the holding period is what makes this a little harder than credit cards.

Separate ACH and Credit Cards into Separate Batches
Due to the tips above, we recommend you enter your credit card transactions in a different batch from your ACH transactions. This is what One Church does automatically with transactions from the giving portal. Separating them will make it easier to reconcile since credit cards do not have a hold period, but ACH does.

Other Tips
We recommend reaching out to Authorize.Net or processor about the points above and for any other help they may provide. Please feel free to reach out to One Church support if you have any questions with this article as well.

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