If your data is kept locally on your computer (i.e. not accessible online via a web browser) and you would like our help in importing the data into One Church, there are certain steps you can follow to prepare your computer so that we can remote in a extract that data from your current system.

During the process of submitting a data import request where you indicate you are using a locally installed system, the form will ask you for TeamViewer credentials. 

Please follow the steps below to get the information we would need:

  • Download TeamViewer on that computer. 

  • Once installed, open TeamViewer and make sure "Start TeamViewer with Windows" is checked to make sure we can always remote in.

  • Finally, please take note of the "Your ID" and "Password" fields in the middle column of TeamViewer and enter these into your Data Import Request form.

The form will let you schedule a day and time when we can remote into the computer to retrieve the data. You don't have to be present during this time unless you want to. 


  • To avoid delays, please make sure your computer is is unlocked and TeamViewer is running during the time you scheduled.

  • Do NOT share you TeamViewer credentials with anyone. Only include this information in the Data Import Request form.

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