You can track attendance and within the groups module of One Church Software. First, select the group for which you would like to mark or track attendance, next select the "Attendance" tab and then select the "Mark Attendance" button.

Completing the steps above will open the attendance reporting window which allows you to choose the date of the group meeting (defaults to the current date) along with providing addition text fields for keeping other information.

Note: Selecting the "Mark Attendance" button DOES NOT create the actual attendance report, you will need to "Save" this report before it creates an attendance report and before you can mark attendance (see below).

After the Attendance Report has been created you will be given a list of group members from which you can select to mark their attendance.

Save once finished marking attendance.

Additional Attendance-Taking Options

See this article if you are interested in tracking attendance for a group using the check-in system. In this case, you would add a session and select which group rosters to use when checking a person in.

See this article is you are interested in generating a marking sheet for manual/offline attendance tracking.

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