One Church Software tries to makes it easy to transfer all recurring donation data from your previous payment processor. While you’re busy running your church, we ensure that all data is accurate including recurring dates, donation methods, amounts and more. With the latest and most advance security in place, all data is safe, secure and PCI Level 1 Compliant.

3-Step Process

  1. Enroll in One Church Giving.

  2. Request the payment tokens and data from your current processor & inform us that this transfer has been requested.

  3. We migrate the recurring schedules onto our platform.

#1 Enroll in One Church Giving

If you need help with this we have a Help Article that walks you through the steps.

#2 Request the Payment Tokens & Data

Request the payment tokens and data from your current processor. Instruct them to send the data to (Usio is our payments partner and they ensure a safe and accurate transfer).

TIP - Have the account owner or signer present during the request. It will aid in the process, as most will only initiate a data transfer with permission from the account owner.

After you request the token and data transfer, contact us at

#3 We Migrate the Recurring Schedule

One Church Software and Usio work directly with your current processor to import all donation details such as name, bank account for ACH, address, donation method, recurring dates, etc. To ensure accurate recurring donations, we will attempt create mapping using the same amount and frequency as your current processor.


It's possible that your payment processor will not provide us with all of the necessary information (namely donation amount and/or schedule). When that happens we will migrate the those people who have recurring giving schedules onto our platform as new profiles. You will need to merge these "new profiles" with the existing profiles already in the system (this ensures an accurate connection between the profiles already in our system and the donor coming from your old payment processor). You may also be required to share with us the recurring donation amount and donation frequency.

To help make this process run smoothly we will create a spreadsheet so you can input the amount and frequency connected to each donor, and then will add it to the system.

Once the data transfer is complete we encourage churches to launch giving campaigns, like announcing new programs and new donation features that make giving easier and safer than ever before.

Moving from Stripe

Currently, Stripe does not support the necessary data transfer structure to allow the migration of payment information to our system.

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