Manage Volunteer Block out Dates

After you log into the software, select your name from the top right. A dropdown will appear > Select "Serving Availability"

The "Your Serving Availability" Calendar pop up will appear. Click on the day/s you are unable to serve.

Once you have selected the dates you want to block off, there is an option to indicate if you are unavailable "All Day" or not, as well as a place to notate a reason for blocking out your availability.

Manage Your Volunteer Preferences

To Change your Volunteer preferences select the "Preferences" tab along the top of Your Serving Availability pop up.

If you have multiple Volunteer positions assigned to you, they will each appear here in a list. You are able to select each position and manage service availability (all services, specific services). You can specify a date range you are available within, as well as indicate how often you are available to serve in each role.

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