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New Check-In System
New Check-In System

Provides details on the new check-in system beta, how to download, and what to expect.

Updated this week

We have worked hard on building the next generation check-in system and are excited to announce it is now available! The new system has been built from the ground up using different technology and sets the foundation for all future updates of the check-in system.

This new system does not run in a browser, but instead is a program that runs on your device This allows for more control over hardware such as printers, scanners, and more.

The new check-in system is available on Windows, MacOS, Chromebook, iOS, and Android (download links below).

Beta Program

We have released the new check-in system as an open beta for all customers. The purpose of the beta is to get the new system in your hands to provide feedback and report any issues before it replaces the browser check-in system.

As a warning, while the overall experience is improved, you may run into some potential issues. Your feedback is an important part of making this the best product it can be. We look forward to hearing from you! 😃

We recommend testing the new check-in system on your own or on a light check-in day (not your busiest service).

Important: The new check-in system will replace the legacy browser version on October 2, 2023. Starting on this date, the browser check-in system will no longer be accessible. We'll send increasing reminders as the deadline approaches.

It is highly recommended to install and replace your existing check-in stations with this version as soon as possible.

While the open beta is live, the legacy browser based check-in system will continue to work as before so you can jump between the beta and browser versions as needed. However, moving forward, only the new check-in system will be updated.

Download Links

Download links as well as set up instructions can be found in this help article.


Instructions for installing each supported printer manufacturer can be found below.

Windows/MacOS printers

iOS/Android printers


  • Support for Citizen CMP-30II BTIUCL printers will come at a later date.

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