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How do I merge two profiles together?
How do I merge two profiles together?

Describes how to combine or merge two duplicate person profiles into one.

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You will need the Full Write People permission to perform this action.

To begin this process, navigate to the person's profile you wish to merge into and click on "Actions > Merge with..." in the upper right area.

You can also click on "Merge with..." from the drop-down at the end of a row in the people listing screen.

A pop-up will appear with the person you selected automatically populated in the "Profile to keep" field. Search for the person you would like to merge in the "Profile to merge" field.

Once selected, the screen will update with all the differences between the two profiles. Select which value should be chosen in the merged profile for each difference.

At the bottom, check on "I understand" and click "Perform Merge" to merge the two profiles. Please note, this action cannot be undone.

Helpful Tips

  • Keep in mind that privacy settings, recurring schedules, and payment methods will be kept ONLY for the left profile. This information will be deleted on the right profile.

  • Any permissions assigned to both profiles will be combined into the left profile. In this way, the user keeps the highest level of access given.

  • The right profile will be deleted from the system. 

  • You cannot choose the right profile which has active recurring schedules on it. They would either need to be deactivated/deleted first or have that profile be the left one instead.

  • You cannot merge the same person (i.e. both the left and the right should be different people).

  • If moving all family members to the merged profile, family contact information will be transferred as well.

  • Both the left and the right profile must be unarchived.

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