You will need the Limited Write People permission to perform this action.

Edit Family

To add new members to an existing person's family, navigate to the person's profile and click on the "Family" tab. Then select "Edit Family" from the drop-down menu.

The Editing Family pop up will appear. Select inside the box and type the name of another member to add a family member. If they are not in the database already, you can add them at that point.

Indicate the relationship of the new member by choosing from the options

-Head of Household


  • Click on the profile image to change family manager.

  • The two family members with Heart icons are married/in a relationship.

Tip: If the person being added is currently a part of a family with more than one member, a message will appear asking you which family would like to mark as their primary. You can click on the "info" icon to view the members of that family. The person marked with the star is the family's head of household.

**If the person being added is the only member on their current family, that family will automatically be deleted before being added to the new one.

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