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How do I add notes to a person's profile?
How do I add notes to a person's profile?

Describes how to add notes to a profile both individually and in bulk.

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You will need the Write Notes permission to perform this action.

There are multiple ways to add notes to a person's profile. You can add them both individually and in bulk. It is common to use the notes feature to add a person's prayer requests. You can use the security features to make sure only the appropriate users can see them.

Adding Individually

Navigate to the person you want to add the note to and click on the "Notes" tab. Next, click on the "Add Note" button. 

A pop up will appear with the following fields:

  • Date - the date this note is for. It can be in the past or even the future.

  • Type - the type of note. You can add, edit, and delete the types using the menu to the right. You will need the Full Write People permission to do this.

  • Comments - the actual contents of the note. This is limited to 2,000 characters.

The section named "Access Level" allows you to control that users are able to read this note. In this way, you can protect sensitive information (such as prayer requests) from being viewed by unauthorized users.

Regardless of which level is chosen, the user would need the View Notes permission as well.

The allowed values are:

  • Limited - access is restricted based on note limits set on their profile permissions. This is the default setting. 

  • Specific Groups - only active members of the selected groups can see this note.

  • Only Me - only the users who added the note will be able to see that note.

Once you fill in the information, click on "Add" to add the note to the person's profile.

Adding in Bulk

You will need the Reporting and People Mass Change permissions to add notes in bulk.

Navigate to the People Query Builder and construct a query that returns the people you would like to add the note to. 

Next, click on "Mass Change" from the "Actions" menu right above the results area.

In the pop up that appears, select "Add Note" from the "perform an action on profile" drop down.

A pop up will containing the details of the note you want to add. See the section above named "Adding Individually" for information regarding the fields. Enter the required information, and click on "Done." You will be taken back to the "Perform Mass Change" pop up. 

Finally, click on the update button to add the note to the resulting person profiles. 

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