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How do I add a new recurring giving schedule?
How do I add a new recurring giving schedule?

Describes how to add, edit, and delete recurring schedules.

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You will need the Limited Write Contributions permission to add a recurring schedule on behalf of others. You can always add a new recurring schedule for yourself. There are two ways to start the process of adding a new recurring schedule.

From a Person's Profile

Navigate to the person's profile and click on the "Giving" tab. Then click on the "Schedules" sub tab. From here, click on the "Add New Schedule" button. You will be redirected to the giving portal with the person automatically loaded at the top.

From the Giving Portal

Click on the "Visit Giving Portal" button on the right hand side. Next, search for the person you would like to create the recurring schedule for. If you leave it blank, it will be for you.

Regardless of which method above you chose, creating the recurring schedule is the same. In step one, enter the amount and funds you would like to contribute on the schedule and click "Next." You can add and remove funds by clicking on the plus and minus signs at the end of each fund.

On step two, make sure "Schedule to be processed on a recurring schedule." is selected. Enter the frequency, start date for the schedule along with an optional end date. If the start date is today, the schedule will be immediately charged once you finish creating it. 

Complete the rest of the steps and click on "I Authorize This Transaction" in Step four to finish adding the schedule. An email will be sent to the person confirming their recurring schedule.

Recurring schedules are charged in the morning of their scheduled date.

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