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How do I view a person's past attendance?
How do I view a person's past attendance?

Describes how to view the attendance of a person in past events.

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You will need the Limited Read People permission to view this information.

Navigate to the person's profile and click on the "Involvement" tab. Then click on the "Attendance" sub-tab. The table shows past attendance with the following information. It is ordered from newest to oldest.

  • Date - the date the person attended the event.

  • Name - the name of the event along with the time. The name of the check-in session appears in parentheses.

  • Category - the category of the group.

  • Group - the name of the group the person checked into.

The last date the person attended any group (Date Last Attended) is shown under the "Info" tab in the "Check-In" section.

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