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How do I view a person's connections?
How do I view a person's connections?

Describes how to view all the past and current connections a person has.

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You will need the Limited Read People permission to view this information.

Navigate to the person's profile and click on the "Involvement" tab. Then select the "Connections" sub-tab. All connections for the person will appear in the table. The following columns are available:

  • Date - the date the connection is for.

  • Campus - the campus the connection is for.

  • Type - the type of connection. 

  • Notes - comments left on the note. Custom fields entered on the connection appear in this column as well. For example, in the screenshot below, "Giving Flags" and "Responses" are two custom field responses. Custom fields are defined on specific connection types.

  • Assignee - the person assigned to follow up with the connection (if any)

  • Due On - the date follow up should be completed by

  • Status - the status of the connection (e.g. pending, completed)

  • Completed On - the date the connection was completed

  • Custom Fields - any additional custom fields added to the connection template appear as columns. For example, in the table below "Signup/Decision" is a custom field.

Clicking on the "Add Connection" button will open a pop up to add a new connection for this person. You can also click on "Actions > Add connection" in the upper right area of the screen to add a connection for this person.

You will need the Full Write Connections permission to add new connections.

Each connection in the table has the following possible actions:

  • View - clicking on this button at the end of a row will show you more details on the connection. If you have appropriate permissions, you will also be able to edit from there.

  • Delete - deletes the connection. A pop up confirmation will appear first. You will need the Full Write Connections permission to delete connections.

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