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How do I add custom station themes?
How do I add custom station themes?

Describes how to add, edit, and delete station themes.

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You will need the Check-In permission to perform this action.

Station themes allow you to customize the look of a check-in station. Use themes to help brand your station using your church colors or to differentiate between different sessions during the same event (e.g. kids check-in vs. volunteer check-in).

To add a new theme, click on "Events > Check-In" in the left-hand navigation. Then click on the "Themes" tab and then "Add Theme" next to the header. 

A pop up will appear with the following fields:

  • Name - the name you want to use for the theme

  • Overlay Color  - the color (light or dark) to use for the boxes above the background (see how to preview changes for clarification)

  • Text Color - The color for the text (light or dark).

  • Background Color - the background color. This can be any color you want and influences the final overlay color

  • Background Image - You can upload your own image or choose one from our Unsplash integration.

  • Preview - this area shows how the theme is affected by the choices you make.

Click on the "Save" button once you are finished to create the theme.

Applying a Theme

When you authorize a station, you can select the default theme that the station uses by selecting it in the "Theme" drop-down.

You can also override this theme as needed within the event session itself by specifying whether to use the station's theme or another theme. If a station is currently running when the theme is changed, restart the station to load the new theme. See this article under "Sessions" for more information.

Editing a Theme

You can edit a theme by hovering over the preview in the listing and selecting the pencil icon. This will open a pop-up where you can edit the details of the theme.

Deleting a Theme

You can delete a theme by hovering over the preview in the listing and selecting the X icon. A confirmation message will appear. Click on "Yes" to finish deleting the theme.

Helpful Tips

Make sure to also choose a good background color that matches well with the image chosen. Here is an example Autumn theme with a custom background image (via Unsplash)

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