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How do I add check-ins after an event occurs?
How do I add check-ins after an event occurs?

Describes how to add check-ins manually outside of the check-in system.

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You will need the Full Write Events permission or be an organizer on the event to perform these actions.

The check-in system is only active during the configured time period an event is occurring. To add check-in logs outside of these times or if you prefer not to use the check-in system for this, you can add (and edit/delete) check-in logs manually from within the event.

Click on "Events > Calendar" in the left hand navigation and make sure the calendar view is showing. If the calendar does not show, click on "view calendar" button in the upper right area.

Click on the event you would like to add check-ins to. The event would first need to be configured to track attendance. Next, click on the "Attendance" tab and then the "Check-Ins" view. The list of all check-ins for this event will appear. This includes any check-ins performed by a check-in station. Next, click on "Add Check-In Log"

A pop up will appear with the following fields:

  • Session - the session to add the check logs to (e.g. Kids, Volunteers). This field will only appear if you have sessions defined.

  • Event Time(s) - the times the people are checking into. You can select one or more. These are the times defined in the "Meeting" tab when adding/editing an event. This field only appears if you have times defined for the event.

  • Check In - the date and time being checked into. The day is auto-populated with the date of the event and the time is auto-populated with the earliest selected time or 12:00 am if there are not times.

  • Add People - a search box to find people in the system. You can add one or more people to check-in and they will appear in the list below. The system will automatically select the group roster they checked into last time or none if it couldn't find one. The roster column only appears if there is at least one session defined for the event. Any lines shown in red indicate they are not currently enrolled in the selected group and will be added to the roster once you save

Note: the system will warn you if you trying to check in a person who is already checked in to the selected group. If you continue to check them in anyways, this new check in will be used instead in reporting. If this is not desired, edit the previous check in instead.

Once you are done, click "Save" to finish and add the check-in logs. Check "Keep open and add more" if you are adding multiple.

Group Roster Restrictions

By default, a user who has access to manually add check-ins can also add any person to a roster defined in the event session selected. However, you can make this more restrictive and only allow group leaders to add to roster from this screen by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the group you would like to restrict.

  • Click on "Edit group" in the "Actions" menu in the upper right area.

  • Select the "Options" tab in the pop up that appears

  • Under the "Rosters" section, update "Leaders Only?" to be yes. If this option is marked yes, only leaders of this group will be able to add new people to the roster. If no, new people can be added from a manual check-in within an event as well.

With this option set, now when check-ins are being added, the roster dropdown will gray out any groups the user is not authorized to select.

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