Describes how to write queries which report on people data.

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You will need the Reporting permission to access the people query builder.

The people query builder is the main tool for ad-hoc reporting of people data. It has a variety of additional uses such as:

  • Mail merge

  • Generating address labels

  • Mass change for people records

  • Printing giving statements based on query results

  • Printable built-in reports

  • Mapping addresses on a map

  • Creating charts and graphs of your data

You can access the query builder by clicking on "Reporting > Query Builder" in the left-hand navigation menu. The query builder defaults to People but can also be used to query group and contribution data.

The people query builder is organized into four main sections: Filters, Query, Columns, and Results.ย 

Helpful Tips

  • There are multiple ways to write the same query (i.e. returning the same results). If you have difficulty coming up with the query you are looking for, try looking at it a different way.

  • AND operators has higher precedence than OR operators. Think of OR as splitting your query into pieces at that point. Any one piece being true will return that person profile.

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