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How do I add filters?

Describes how to add filters to a query.

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The section labeled "Fields" of the query builder contains all the fields you can add to the filter area. The fields you can choose from is limited by the user's permissions.

Click on a section to expand and show the corresponding fields. The sections are similar to what you see on a person's profile. All custom fields defined on a person profile are included here as well in the appropriate sections. The type of field is separated into two types: Basic and Grouped. 

Basic Field

A basic field is added independently to the filters area (i.e. does not appear in a where clause). Some examples of basic fields in the filter area is

To add a basic field, click on the field or the + icon in the "Fields" area.

Grouped Field

A grouped field is added as part of a where clause to the filter area. Fields added to the same where clause are considered together in the final result. All grouped fields are located under Connections, Notes, Safeguards, Contributions, Groups, and the sub fields under Contact. See screenshot for examples of notes and groups groupings.

To add a grouped field, click on the field or the + icon in the "Fields" area. When adding a grouped field, it will be added automatically to the existing grouping if there is only one. For example, if you add a field in the Notes grouping, 

To add the field to a new grouping, click on the square icon on the field instead.

If there are multiple groupings of the same type in the filters area, the system will ask you which grouping to add the field to. Click on the area (represented by the yellow area) to add the filter to. To cancel adding this field, click on "Cancel."

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