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How do I change the columns in the results?
How do I change the columns in the results?

Describes how to change which columns appear in the results as well the ordering.

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In the People Query Builder, the right hand section named "Columns" controls which columns appear in the results. The ordering can also be set here.

Changing the Order

To change the order in the results, click and drag the bars to the left of the column up and down.

Changing the Columns

Use the + and x buttons at the end of a row to either add or remove a column respectively. If you add using this method, the new column will appear below the row. Use the drop down to choose the column you would like to show.

You can also use the drop down menu in the top right to add and remove columns.

Add All Columns

This will add all possible columns to the report results area. This will result in a lot of columns and will require you to scroll the results area left and right to see everything.

Choose Columns

This option will open a pop up where you can select and deselect individual columns. This is the easiest way to show the columns you want to appear.

Reset Columns

This option will remove all columns and add the default ones which are

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Gender

  • Birthday

  • Age

  • Campus

  • Primary Email

  • Primary Phone

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