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How do I generate a check-in roster?
How do I generate a check-in roster?

Describes how to download a check-in roster with barcodes.

Updated over a week ago

You will need the Reporting permission to perform this action.

Navigate to the People Query Builder, via the Reporting button in the left-hand menu, and construct a query that returns the people you are interested in retrieving the check-in rosters for. For example, you could create a query that returns all current members of a specific group or list of groups. 

Next, click on "Generate Report" in the "Actions" drop-down menu. 

A pop up will appear. In the "Report" drop down, choose "Check-In Roster (Barcodes)." The following fields will appear:

  • Format - the format of the output. The default is PDF.

  • Title - optional title for the output. The default is "Check-In Roster"

Once done, click on "Generate" to download the roster. It will include the person's name as well as a barcode for scanning within the check-in system. See below for an example report.

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