You will need the Full Write Workflows permission or be an admin on the associated workflow to perform this action.

Triggers allow you to set conditions which, when true, automatically adds the person to this process.

You can set trigger information while adding a new process or editing an existing process. In the edit process pop up, there is a section named "Triggers" where you can select the trigger to use. Only one trigger can be used on a process at a time.

The following lists each of the available types. 


If this type is selected, the system will not perform any automated checks. People must be added manually to this process.


Checks are performed when financial transactions are added, modified, or deleted. The person must have a profile in system for them to be considered. Guest transactions are not considered.

When selected, an additional section named "Criteria" will appear. Use this area to define the what the trigger should use to determine if a person should be added to the process.


Checks are performed once a day. This trigger uses a search query you defined in the People Query Builder. All people the query returns will be added to the process.

When selected, a new section named "Query" will appear where you can select the search query to use.


Checks are performed when a person profile is added or updated. This trigger also uses a search query you defined in the People Query Builder. If the person is in the result set for the query, they will be added to the process.


Custom triggers allow you to set a repeating schedule for the trigger. For example, you can create a trigger which runs every Monday and Tuesday each week. Just like with the Daily trigger, you would set a report query to run to determine who should be added when the trigger runs.

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