Send SMS

Describes how the Send SMS process tasks works.

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Per message data rates apply. Please make sure there are enough funds to send a text message. If remaining balance falls to $0.00, no text message will be sent out when a person reaches this task and will continue to the next one.

The following configuration is available:

  • Name - the name of the task. This appears in the left hand task listing and wherever the task is shown (change logs and drop downs).

  • Description - a brief description for the task. This only appears in the left hand task listing.

  • To - the list of additional phone numbers. These addresses will appear in the "To" field on the email so it will be visible to others on the email.

  • Text current person in task? - whether to send the text message to the person that is currently on this task within the process. If the person does not have a mobile number on their profile, nothing will happen. This is automatically checked when you add the task.

  • Message - the body of the text message. It is limited to 160 characters, but you can click on the "shorten links" to reduce the length of any URLs you have. If you're message needs to be longer than 160 characters, we recommend sending a link to a web page containing the full message.

Once you are finished configuring the task, click on "Save" to finish adding it to the process.

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