Add To Process

Describes how the Add To Process task is configured.

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Use this task when you want a person to be automatically added to another process. This can either be a process within the same workflow or another workflow.

The following configuration is available:

  • Name - the name of the task. This appears in the left-hand task listing and wherever the task is shown (change logs and drop downs).

  • Description - a brief description of the task. This only appears in the left-hand task listing.

  • Workflow - the workflow the process is contained in.

  • Process - the process the person should go to.

  • Task - the starting task. This can either be whatever the first task is or a specific task.

Once you are finished configuring the task, click on "Save" to finish adding it to the process.

Helpful Tip

  • If the queue item has a form attached (i.e. due to being added from a form submission), the same form submission will remain linked to the person in the new process.

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