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Update Person Fields
Update Person Fields

Describes the Update Person Fields task and how it is configured.

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Use this task when you want to update data on a person's profile. There are a variety of fields to choose from.

When selected for the first time, a pop up will appear listing all the fields that can be updated. This includes any custom fields you defined on the person's profile.

There are two options per field:

  • Update - this will update the field to the value you choose but only if that field is empty on the person's profile

  • Overwrite - the field is guaranteed to be updated to the value you choose regardless of whether there is a value there currently.

After you choose the fields you want to update, click on "Continue" to go to the task configuration. All the chosen fields will be listed. For each field, provide the value you want to update to on the person's profile. For date fields, if the value is empty, the date on which the person enters this task will be used. 

To get back to the field selection pop up, click on the "Choose fields to update" button.

The following configuration is also available:

  • Name - the name of the task. This appears in the left hand task listing and wherever the task is shown (change logs and drop downs).

  • Description - a brief description for the task. This only appears in the left hand task listing.

Once you are finished configuring the task, click on "Save" to finish adding it to the process.

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