Describes the Branch task and how it is configured.

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Use this task when you want a person to move to another task based on some criteria. This task allows for parallel execution, meaning a person can continue on to the next task in the process, but also be moved to another task in a separate process.

This task is also helpful if the person should skip to a future task or if they need to go back to a previous task in the same process. 

Important: due to the nature of this task type, it is possible to design an infinite loop within the process. An infinite loop is where the person automatically moves to the same task repeatedly. If this happens, to stop the loop the person will immediately be moved to the "Done" status and a note will be added to their profile. Please be careful not to design an infinite loop.

The following configuration is available:

  • Name - the name of the task. This appears in the left hand task listing and wherever the task is shown (change logs and drop downs).

  • Description - a brief description for the task. This only appears in the left hand task listing.

  • Search Criteria - a query from the People Query Builder. This is used to determine which branch the person should go to. There are two possibilities: the green side on the left which represents a match and the red side on the right which means they were no in the results.

On each branch, you can specify which workflow, process, and task the person should go to based on the query results. If you choose a process to go to, then the person will NOT continue in the current process and will be immediately moved to the "Done" status before being added to the new process.

If no workflow is chosen (as in the red section above), then you have the option of specifying whether they should continue to the next task off the current process. If you uncheck this, then a warning appears notifying you that the person will immediately complete the current process (moved to the "Done" status).

Once you are finished configuring the task, click on "Save" to finish adding it to the process.

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