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How do assignment tasks work?
How do assignment tasks work?

Describes how assignments given through a workflow process task work and how an assignee can complete one.

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Any person in the system can be assigned a workflow process task. The assignee does not need access to the workflow or process to be given the task. In the case where they do not normally have access, they will be granted temporary access to the process to view the details of their assignment as well as provide the outcome. This will last until they finish their assignment.

Assignments are shown on the user's home page under the Pending Items area.

The number in blue are the number of assignments for the given workflow process task. Click on the item to see the list of assignments.

You are taken to the assignments tab of the corresponding process. Under this tab, each sub-tab corresponds to a different assignment task. At the top of an assignment sub-tab, are the instructions for the assignee, and below is the list of assignments.

If you click on the "View" button (or the person's image), you will see the details of the assignment. This is also where you can update the status as follows:

  • Not Started - the assignee has not started on this task yet.

  • In Progress - the assignee indicates that they have started by have not finished.

  • Request Reassignment - the assignee is requesting that another person handle this task. They must provide a reason if they select this status. A process manager will handle the reassignment unless there are none. In this case, a workflow admin will handle this request. The reassignment will then appear on that person's to-do list.

  • Unable to Complete - the assignee is indicating they cannot complete the assignment. Perhaps it's because they could not get a hold of the person or it no longer applies. Automation will take place if this status is chosen depending on the rules set on the task.

  • Complete - the assignee is indicating that they have completed everything required for the task. Automation will take place if this status is chosen depending on the rules set on the task. If they are allowed to also send the person to other workflow processes, the list of options will appear for them to select.

You can see the current breakdown for each status the task can be in. This is found under the "Overview" box on the right-hand side of the process page.

Clicking on a number will take you to the "Queue" tab and filter all people who are in a task with that status.


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