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How do I view progress across all workflow processes?
How do I view progress across all workflow processes?

Describes how to view a listing of all people who are currently in a process and their status.

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Click on "Automation > Queues" in the left-hand navigation menu. The list of people will appear containing which process and task they are currently in as well as the status.ย 


If you have the Full Write Workflows permission, you will also be able to view and remove people from the list.

The list is filtered based on the user's security rights. All data will be returned if the user has the Full Read Workflows permissions. Otherwise, only processes in which the user is a manager or an admin on the associated workflow will be shown.

Helpful Tips

  • Clicking on the name of the workflow or process within the listing above will take you to the workflow or process respectively.

  • You can use the table filters to limit to only people in a specific workflow or process.

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