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How can I complete an assigned connection?
How can I complete an assigned connection?

Describes multiple ways to complete a connection that you were assigned.

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There are two ways to complete a connection that is assigned to you.

From Email

When you are assigned a connection, you are emailed details of the connection including who to contact and any notes provided. See image below for an example of the email:

From here, you can click on the green "Mark as Complete" button to be taken to a screen where you can enter the following:

  • Completed On - the date the connection was complete

  • Notes - any optional notes you want to leave

When finished, hit the blue "Mark as Complete" button. You do not have to be signed into One Church Software to complete a connection using this method.

While Logged into the System

In addition, any pending connections are listed on your "To-Do List" located on the home screen when you sign into One Church Software.

Clicking on the item will redirect you to the connection listing filtered to show connections assigned to you.

If you have the Full Write Connections permission, you can edit the connection and change the status from "Pending" to "Complete."

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