You will need Full Read Events to perform this action.

Navigate to the main event calendar by clicking on "Events" in the left hand navigation menu. If you do not see the calendar, click on "view calendar" in the top right area.

With the calendar on screen, open the "info" menu and select "Embed on website."

A pop up will appear where you can specify some options related to the embed code provided.

The following options are available:

  • Show which calendars? - the list of all calendars will appear. Check the ones you want to appear in the embed. You can click on the "manage calendars?" link to add, edit, and delete calendars. Once selected, any events which are placed in those calendars will appear on web page you embed this to.
  • Display - if "Calendar" is selected, a calendar will be embedded containing the events on the days they occur. If "Listing" is selected, a monthly listing will be shown ordered chronologically.
  • Height - the height of the calendar/listing area.
  • Event Color - by default, the color of the calendar is used when showing the events. However, you can override it so that all events use the same color by selecting a different option.

Once you are done configuring the embed code, copy the HTML code located in the area with the gray background and paste it onto your web page. 

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