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How do I manage event calendars?
How do I manage event calendars?

Describes how events can be organized into different calendars and shows how to manage them.

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You will need the Full Write Events permission to perform these actions.

When viewing the calendar of events, each event can belong to a calendar. Think of the calendar as a way to group related events. Each calendar has its own color to help easily distinguish them when viewing them.

You can hide and show the different calendars by toggling them from the calendar drop down in the top right area.

You can edit the list of calendars by selecting "Manage Calendars" from the calendar menu (as shown above). A pop up will appear showing you the current list of calendars.

To add a new calendar, complete the area at the top and click on "Add." The following fields are available:

  • New Calendar - the name of the calendar you are adding.

  • Is public? - if checked, this calendar can be embedded on external sites as well as will appear for anyone who signed into One Church Software, regardless of access rights. If this is not desired, make sure it is unchecked.

  • Color - the color to use when showing events on this calendar

The system comes with certain built-in calendars. These are denoted with the lock icon and cannot be edited or deleted.

Helpful Tips

  • Deleting a calendar will remove all events on that calendar. If this is not desired, make sure you move all events to a different calendar first.

  • You can move events to a different calendar in bulk by viewing the event listing (not calendar view), selecting the events you want to move and then selecting "Update" from the "Bulk Actions" drop down. A pop up will appear where you can select the new calendar.

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