How do I specify approvers?

Describes how to set up approvers for rooms and resources.

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You will need the Resource Settings permission if setting campus-wide approvers. You will need the Full Write Resources if setting approvers for a specific room or item only.

Approvers are responsible for responding to any pending resource requests for events. They will be notified when a request comes in to approval and any pending requests will appear on their to-do list. You can specify approvers at the campus level or resource level.

Adding Room or Item Approvers

Approvers are set depending on the Approval Strategy selected on the room or item.

Go to "Events > Resources" in the left hand navigation menu and go to either the Rooms or Items tab depending on which resource you are looking to add approvers to. View the item or room by clicking on the name of clicking on "View" at the end of the row.

In the following screen, select "Edit room" or "Edit item" in the Actions menu depending on the type of resource you are editing. In the pop up that appears, go down to the "Approval Strategy" field. The following options are available:

None. Any requests for this resource are automatically approved.

Specific People + Campus Approvers. People from the given list can approve requests for this resource. Super users can approve as well. When this option is selected, additional settings appear where you can set the number of approvals before the request is approved and the number of denials before the request is denied. Both numbers default to 1. Campus approvers automatically appear in the list and you can add any additional ones as well.

​Specific Groups. ONLY members of the groups below can approve requests for this resource. No exceptions. This means neither Super Users nor campus approvers can approve/deny unless they are in the specified groups. This option comes with an additional choice on how requests should be handled. The first one (the one selected in the screenshot below), lets you specify who many approvals or denials are needed before the request is approved or denied. This is the number needed across all chosen groups combined.

The second option lets you set a custom approval/denial criteria for each individual group. This means you can set the number of approvals and denials for each group independently. In this case, requests will be approved only if ALL groups approve it and the request will be denied if just one group denies it.

Adding Campus Approvers

Campus approvers can approve or deny resource requests for all rooms and items at their campus with the approval strategy of "Specific People + Campus Approvers".

Go to "Events > Resources" in the left-hand navigation menu and select the "Approvers" tab. A list of all campuses will appear. Each campus will also list any existing campus approvers. To add a new approver, click on the "Add Approver" button.

A pop up will appear with the following fields:

  • Location - the location this person can approve resources for. If the user has Campus Write permission, they can also add a new campus by using the drop down at the end of the field.

  • Person - the person. Search for an existing person profile here or add a new one if not found.

You can check the "Keep open and add another" if adding multiple approvers to keep the pop up open after each save. Once finished, click on the "Save" button to add the approver to the list. 

To remove an existing campus approver, click on the "X" icon next to their name.

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