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How do I change the navigation menu in the mobile app?
How do I change the navigation menu in the mobile app?

Describes how to add, edit, and remove items from the side navigation menu in the mobile app.

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You will need the Full Write App permission to perform these actions. Your One Church subscription would also need the "App Builder" add-on to access this area of the software.

One Church comes with an app builder where you can customize various parts of the My One Church App, including screens and menus. If you don't already have this add-on, you can add it to the subscription by going to "Account Settings" and "Billing" in the upper left and editing the subscription to include the App Builder add-on.

To get to the app screen management area, visit "Mobile App" in the left-hand menu and then the "Menus" tab.

The drop down at the top contains all existing menus. It defaults to the menu that is currently being used by the app. To load a different menu, simply select the menu from the drop down. To create a new menu, click on "create a new menu."

The items in the menu appear underneath. To add a new item, click on "+ Add item" in the lower left. You can also add a header by clicking on "+ Add header." Headers do not send a user to a new screen but are rather used to organize the menu.

You can edit an existing item, by clicking on the pencil icon to the right. 

This will open the menu where you can edit the following fields:

  • Icon - this is the icon that appears to the left of the text in the menu.

  • Label - the text of the menu item. We recommend keeping this as short as possible.

  • Destination - this is where the user will navigate once they tap on this item. Options can be a screen in the app (either a custom one or a built-in one), a URL, or a custom form.  All menu items (except headers) must have a destination set. The selected destination type is shown in small text to the right of the pencil icon.

You can also reorder the menu items by clicking on the label name and dragging it to its new location. 

To delete an item, simply click on the X icon for the item you want to remove. 

Once you are done, click on the "Save" button to submit your changes. Menu updates are reflected in the app, the next time the user relaunches it. 

To delete the entire menu (i.e. all items), click on the red "Delete" button next to the save button.

Updating the side menu in the app

You can have as many menus as you'd like. However, only one can serve as the menu for the side navigation within the app. To update which menu is used, go to the "Settings" tab and update the "Side Navigation" setting under the Menus section. Finally, click on the "Save" button.


  • When modifying the navigation menu, you will need to close and relaunch the app on your phone to see the changes.

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