You will need the Read Background Checks permission to view the results of the background check. You will need the Write Safeguards permission to make a decision on whether to clear or reject the applicant for the position they applied to.

Viewing Background Check Results

When you run a background check, there are two possibilities. The results may be ready instantly or it may be delayed. Which one depends on the type of background check report that was requested. Most results are instant.

If you submitted a background check on behalf of the applicant and it was an instant result, the results will automatically open right after.

If the results were delayed (or if the applicant completed their own online consent form), you will be emailed once the results are ready.

You can also view the results of all background checks by going to People > Background Checks from the left hand menu and finding the one you are interested in in the table. There are filters you can use to narrow down the results. Please note, there is a default filter which will only return non-archived background checks. If you need to view an archived result, use the filters to bring them in.

Making a Decision

Once a background check completes, you have to make a decision on whether to clear the applicant for the position they applied to. This is not automatic. When a background check completes, the status will change to "Complete" and you'll see a "Ready of Decision" label in the listing under People > Background Checks.

To enter a decision, click on "Ready for decision" and the associated safeguard record will appear. You can also open the safeguard directly by going to the person's profile and finding the safeguard under Involvement > Safeguards.

In the pop up, update the Status field to the appropriate value depending on whether the applicant passed the background check for the position they applied for. Make any other changes as appropriate (such as the "Expires On" field if applicable) and then click on the "Save" button.

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