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How do I download an applicant's consent for background check?
How do I download an applicant's consent for background check?

Describes how do get a stored copy of an applicant's consent form indicating they agree to a background check.

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You will need the Read Background Checks permission to perform this action.

There are two possibilities on how to download the consent form. Both are shown below

When applicant was invited

The system will automatically store a copy of an applicant's consent form if they were invited to submit the background check request. To download a copy, go to Contacts > Screenings from the left hand menu and locate the background check in the list. Click on the view button at the end of the row (or the package name) and a pop up will open with details of the background check request.

Click on the "Download Consent" button to download a PDF copy.

Here is a preview of how a sample consent form looks like:

At the bottom you'll see where they agreed along with their electronic signature, date, and IP address they submitted the form from.

When submitted on behalf of applicant

In this case, you are responsible for acquiring consent from the applicant for the background check. Please refer to your church's process on where this is stored.

If you scanned and uploaded their consent into the system, you can find it by going to Contacts > Screenings from the left hand menu and opening the background check you are interested in from the list. In the pop up, scroll down to the Files section and click on the one that represents the consent form from the list.


  • You are required to provide applicants with a clear and conspicuous discloser advising them that a background check report may be obtained for employment/volunteer purposes and have received their authorization to obtain the report. This is automatically handled for you only if you choose the invite option when adding a new screening.

  • Any uploaded consent forms you add to a background check are stored encrypted and are not sent to Protect My Ministry or shared with anyone outside of the system.

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