To modify privacy settings related to your church directory select:

Account Settings > Options > Privacy.

In this section you are modifying the Default Privacy Settings. Meaning, when a new person profile is added to the system, they will receive the privacy settings as set in the Privacy section. However, privacy settings can be changed afterwards from the profile itself (discussed below).

Note: Changing the default privacy settings does not affect any profiles currently in the system, it's just for new profiles moving forward. If you want to apply any modifications of the default privacy setting to all profiles, then you can bulk update privacy settings from the People Query Builder.

Reference this ARTICLE to see how to perform a mass change

For the default privacy settings you are deciding what General and Contact information will be shared with different groups of people. You have 3 groupings.

  1. Everyone - anyone with a login can see this data.

  2. My Group Members - only members of an interactive group can see this data. Church leadership can as well.

  3. Church Leadership Only - only church leadership can see this data. This is the most private setting.

Select from the dropdown on the right of each form field to change which groupings have what access (visibility).

NOTE: Church Leadership Only = any user with the Limited Read People permissions.

Everyone = Guest Users (anyone with a login).

A church can choose to allow anyone with an account to see the people directory. However, a church can also prevent Guest Users from viewing the people directory.

To make this change select Accounting Settings > Options.

Toggle the switch Yes/No depending on your preference. If yes, all users with guest access will be able to view the people directory. If no, you can still grant access on an individual basis. Privacy settings on profile still apply.

Note: Allowing guests to view the people directory is generally NOT recommended! If anyone gains access to the system they will see the directory. While privacy settings would still apply, that may not be desired.

Individual Privacy Settings

Additionally, an individual can choose which General and Contact information they themselves wish to make available within the church directory. They would do this by logging into their account and selecting on their name in the top right. In the dropdown there is an option titled "Privacy Setting".

After selecting Privacy Settings a window will open allowing them to customize which information is visible, or if they choose to be "Unlisted" altogether.

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