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How do I set starting balances?
How do I set starting balances?

Describes how to set starting balances for funds and accounts.

Updated over a week ago

You will need the Accounting Settings permission to perform this action.

If you are coming from another accounting software, or haven't really been tracking your finances in an organized way, you may need to set your starting balances for the various accounts and funds you have set up in the system.

This can be done when editing funds or accounts, but can also be done centrally across all accounts and funds from a single screen. To do so, go to Accounting > Settings > Starting Balances from the left hand menu.

On this screen, you'll see all your Asset and Liability accounts listed long the left hand side and all your funds listed along the top. At each intersection, there will be a text box where you can enter the starting balance.

Important: amounts auto-save once you leave the input box. There is no Save button you must click.

To specify the date these starting balances apply to, click on the account name on the left hand side and at the bottom of the pop up that appears, you can indicate this date. This date should be before the first transaction you plan on actually adding into One Church.

Totals per account across all funds will be shown in the rightmost column. Totals for all accounts for a particular fund can be found at the bottom row for that fund.

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