You will need to Limited Write Groups permission to perform this action.

How to add a position to a Group

Within the group. Select the Positions Tab > Then the Select Add Position Button

The New Position Pop up will appear. If you would like people outside of the group to be able to apply for the position be sure to select Listed > Yes.

Once you've added the new position to the group, you will indicate which members serve in this new position.

When new group members are added you will have the option to indicate which positions, they serve in by selecting the check box next to the position title.

You can assign existing or current members within a group to positions as well.

How to edit a current Member's position within a Group

Navigate to the Groups Module and select the Group you would like to make a change in > Select the Members tab

Next, find the member you would like to change the position of > Click the edit cog in the upper right-hand side of their box > Select Edit

Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the edit option, your browser width is likely too small, you will need to scroll the table to the right.

The Edit Member pop up will then appear. Change the position by selecting the check box next to the position title. All Positions for the group will be listed half way down the pop up.

Editing a group position from someone's Profile

You will first go to the Person's profile you would like to make an admin or change positions of a group > Select the Involvement tab > Find the group you would like to edit their position in > Select Edit

If you want someone to be an admin in the group be sure to mark Admin > Yes

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