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How do I add and edit/delete custom fields?
How do I add and edit/delete custom fields?

Describes how to add and edit/delete custom fields within the system.

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Users will need Full Write People permission to carry out this function.

In various parts of the software you will have the option to add a custom field. This will allow you to track information specific to you context. In the pop up, you will see an "+ Add custom field" button that lets you add custom fields to that section.

Each module has a slightly different editor pop-up window, but within the pop-up window you will see a "+ Add new custom field" button whenever that option is available.

After you select the "+ Add new custom field" button you can choose which type field you like to create to store data. Select the arrow on the right to choose from the dropdown list.

NOTE: View this article to see examples of these field types.

After you select which field type you'd like to use to store data you will see another pop up which allows you to configure your custom field.

The following configuration is also available:

  • Label - the name of the task

  • Description - a brief description for the task.

  • Is Required? - Determines if the new custom field must be filled in before accessing the next screen or saving.

  • Is Hidden? - Hides the field from the form.

  • Owner Access - Determines the access the profile's owner has to this data. This only affects access to their own profile and not others. For access to other people's profile, modify their permissions.

NOTE: Other configurations exists based on the field type you choose.

Editing Custom Fields

Click on the down arrow next to the custom field to edit the settings of the custom field.

Reorder Custom Fields

Go to where those custom fields are (i.e. creating a new profile or editing one), and click on the Reorder button. The custom fields can then be dragged into a new order. When finished, click on the Done button to go back to normal mode. Note that any changes in order are saved immediately.

In addition, for People custom fields, you can change the section the field appears in by clicking on the label and then choosing Change Section.


Deleting Custom Fields

Click on the down arrow next to the custom field to delete the custom field.

Accessing Permissions of Custom Fields

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