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How do I set up an automated Happy Birthday message?
How do I set up an automated Happy Birthday message?

Sample Automation of how to send a happy birthday email automatically on someone's birthday.

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Users will need Full Write Workflow permissions to complete this task.

Happy Birthday Automation: Sending Communication on a member's Birthday

Step-by-Step Automation:
Sending an email to a member on their birthday.

First, you will need to create and "Save as" a query that asks if the person's Birthday is today. (see screenshot below)

Reporting > People > General > Birthday > is today >> Save As

After saving the query, you will need to create a Workflow.
Navigate to "Automation > Workflows" from the left hand navigation menu and then click on "Add New" at the top.

A pop up will appear with the following fields:

  • Name - Birthday Emails

  • Description - send communication to members on their birthday

    Note: the workflow will be disabled initially. This is to prevent any automation from occurring while you are designing it. Once you are done and are ready for the system to start doing the automation, edit the workflow and enable it.

Once you are done, click on "Create" to add the workflow. You will be redirected to the edit workflow screen.
Select > Add a Process

Name the process: Birthday Emails

Set the Trigger for "Daily"

Then add the query that you just saved. (see screenshot)

Select > Create

Next you will select "Add Task"

Select the task > "Send Email"

There you can set a default message to be sent to a member on their birthday.

After you have completed adding your tasks, be sure to edit the Workflow details

Enable the workflow > Save

Tips: The Assignment Option gives you the option to notify someone to view the submission and perform a task. Once the task is performed that person would select complete and that would send them to the next task.

Once you've completed setting up the Tasks, you will add the automation to the Form > Under the settings tab > Automations > Select the automation you created

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