How can donors give online?

Steps for Members to make a donation through One Church

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You do not need to register in order to make a donation.

One time and reoccurring giving transactions can be set up from any browser or from your church's app.

If you have not yet registered with your church and would like to, you can do so by navigating to your church's portal URL and selecting "Register"

Making a Donation
If you have logged into Your Church's website on a browser, your image, and name will appear in the top left toolbar. Select the "Give Now" button to

Important: If you are using the One Church App to Give, "Give Now" will be an option after launching the app and selecting the three lines in the top left of your screen.

Next, if there are Multiple giving portals found for your church you will be directed to choose one.

The Giving Portal will appear:
Select the amount of your donation as well as where you want the donation applied

Give: After entering the amount and selecting the Fund you are making the Giving payment to, there may be an additional field you need to select from. In the example above, when Missions is selected from the dropdown, another dropdown appeared and "Joseph Baker" was selected to give to.

How often: You can select One time payment, reoccurring, or Once at a future date if you'd like to make the one time donation on a future date.
If "Reoccurring" is selected options include: Weekly, Wi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually
Make your selection and then choose the "Starting on" and "Ending on" dates

Give using: Select how you would like to make your payment, then more options will appear. Enter the appropriate details and Select > Give

Cover Processing Fees
You can choose to cover the processing fees by selecting the box next to that option before selecting the "Give $" Button at the bottom of the Giving Portal

Tip: You can save your card or bank account information for faster donations in the future by selecting that option before Giving

How to Enable giving by text message
Select this option when giving so you can use a mobile phone to easily and securely give by texting GIVE and an amount (i.e. GIVE 25) to your church's number listed on your giving portal. The payment method above would be used. You will be sent an initial text message to confirm enrollment.

How to set a Preferred Giving Designation
From your profile, you can set your preferred Giving Designation by selecting the Actions Button Dropdown menu in the top right >Then choose "Edit Profile"

Navigate to the Giving Sub-Tab > Select the designation from the dropdown that will automatically be selected for you when giving online. Finally, > Save.

If you have not yet registered with your church and would like to, you can do so by navigating to your church's portal URL and selecting "Register"

1 - Each church will have their own unique URL (login portal). Ask an administrator at your church if you don't your church's URL.

2 - Register: These button will ask for your email address and first try to match you with an existing profile. If one is not found you can register as a new user.

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