How do I sign up for a new pledge?

Steps for Members to sign up for a new pledge and edit an existing pledge

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Giving Campaigns have a powerful impact. If your church has advertised a Giving Campaign you would like to create a pledge for, you can do this from the Campaign link they provided or from the giving tab in your profile.

Be sure you are logged in to perform this function.

Add a New Pledge
First, select "View My Profile" underneath your Name in the top left-hand corner.
Next, navigate to the "Giving" Tab > Then, the "Pledges" sub-tab > Finally, select the
"+ Add New" button to create a new pledge

A new pledge pop up will appear. Select a Campaign you would like to add a pledge to. Enter the amount and frequency of your pledge with beginning and end dates, then select "Save"

Note: If you select Include Household? > Yes, donations from anyone in your family will count towards this pledge.

Editing a Pledge
You can see active pledges from your profile > Giving Tab > Pledges Sub-Tab
Be sure to scroll to the right, and Locate the "Edit" Button at the end of the row next to the pledge you would like to edit.

Tip: You can see non-active Pledges by clearing the Pledge filters

Still stuck? Please reach out to an administrator at your church.

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