Mass Change Options
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Users will need Reporting and People Mass Change permissions to complete this function.

You have the ability to perform a "Mass Change" to many different things within the system using the People Query Builder. This article breaks down each available option and walks you through the steps of how to perform a "Mass Change."

Build a Query

First, navigate to Reporting > and Build a People Query that retrieves all individuals you would like to perform a mass change to.

Reporting > Query Builder > People > Actions Dropdown > Mass Change

The Perform Mass Change pop up will appear:

Option One

Your first option is to update a profile field. (See screenshot) This includes many fields on a person profile, General, Title, including custom fields.

General (may very)
-Campus Attended
-Marital Status
-Other Custom fields you've added


Additional (may very)
-Record Type
-Joined how?
-Other Custom fields you've added

Important Dates (may very)
-First Time Guest
-Baptized On
-Joined On

Option Two

Perform Action on profile dropdown >

Profile Actions
-Add Note
-Add Safeguard
-Add Connection
-Update Privacy Settings

-Unarchive Profile
-Archive Profile

-Add to group
-Drop from Groups

-Grant Access
-Revoke Access
-Edit Permissions

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