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How to Mark Attendance for an Event
How to Mark Attendance for an Event

Marking Attendance for an event

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Full Write Events permission to perform this action.

Marking Attendance for your Event
Once you have selected the event > Choose the Attendance Tab

Initially, the Attendance tab will not show any guests until people have been added to the Guest List.

If you need help adding people to the guest list, see this article.

NOTE: If registration was required for your event, all individuals who signed up will be listed as a guest in the Guest List.

Once the guest list is set up, you can mark attendance by simply clicking on the person's image in the list to toggle between present and absent.

NOTE: If check-in is enabled for your event, all individuals who were checked in to the event will be marked Present.

How to add additional guests who do not have a profile and notes.
By selecting the "edit section" text in the top right of the General section you can also add custom notes and even indicate a count of people who attended that weren't on the guest list.

Note: This means you can easily enter a head count of attendees to an event without explicitly indicating who attended.

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