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How to add and edit group files
How to add and edit group files

Describes the management of group files

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You will need the Full Write Groups permission or be an Admin of the group to perform this action.

Adding a new group file

First, navigate the group, then select the Files tab and click Upload File.

select the Files tab and click Upload File

After clicking Upload File, a window will pop up where you will enter the name and description of the file. You can upload the file by clicking and dragging it into the upload section or by clicking the Browse button. Once the file has been selected click Upload.

Acceptable formats are: txt, pdf, png, jpg, mp3, doc, docx, xls, xisx, zip

Editing/Deleting a group file

To edit an existing file, click the edit button on the right column. To download the file, click the name of the file or click the dropdown arrow and select download.

To delete a file, click the dropdown arrow next to the delete button and select delete. You can also select the check box next to a field and then select Remove from the bulk actions dropdown.

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