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What are station pins?

Describes how to set up and use station pins in the check-in system.

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You will need the Check-In permission to create and manage station pins.

A station pin allows someone to access the admin areas of a check-in station. This helps protect certain actions from being done by unauthorized users if a station is being used to allow guests to check themselves in.

To create and manage station pins, go to Events > Check-In > Pins from the left hand menu.

To create a new pin, click on the "Add Pin" button and provide a name and 6 - 8 digit numeric pin.

As mentioned above, certain actions within a check-in station require a station pin to perform. These include:

  • Toggling the camera

  • Accessing the settings area

  • Changing events

  • Changing sessions

When a user tries to access an area that requires a station pin, the following keypad appears where they can enter a pin. If valid, it will grant access to that area or action.

The bottom of the pop up contains an option that lets you avoid having to enter a pin for one hour. This is useful if the station is manned by a volunteer or staff member and they find needing to access admin areas frequently. For example, needing to change events or sessions based on how they are helping check in.

Note: if you refresh station under the settings menu, then this also clears the "remember" option as well. This allows you to end the remember pin timer early.

Helpful Tip

  • A station pin is required to access admin areas of the check-in system. There isn't a way to permanently turn this off. If access is needed, create at least one station pin.

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