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How do I link a business to a person's profile?
How do I link a business to a person's profile?
Updated over a week ago

It is not uncommon for members of a church community to be business owners as well. This presents an opportunity to connect their personal profile to their business profile

Searching for business profiles

There are two ways to search for the appropriate business:

1.) In the search bar

2.) By going to Contacts in the left-hand menu > the "Businesses" tab > Filter by name

To link the profile together, go to the business profile, click on the Actions button in the upper right-hand corner > Select Link Person Profile

Then type in the name of the person into the search bar that you wish to connect the business profile to, then click on Add.

Once a person is added to the business profile, you will see a Linked Profiles section.

Note: If a profile is linked to the business, then that person can access the business profile from their personal profile to see the business giving and download the business giving statement. The business owner won't be able to edit the business profile, but the person can view the profile information.

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