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What is a Deletion Request?
What is a Deletion Request?

Describes how users can request profile deletion and how users can view such requests.

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You will need the Full Write People permission to perform this action.

If for any reason members or guests at your church move away or no longer want to maintain their profile on One Church Software, they can request to have their profile deleted. This will ensure that their personal information is no longer stored on the platform and their privacy is protected.

Requesting Profile Deletion

To request deletion of a profile, a user needs to navigate to their profile, by clicking on their name on the top right of One Church Software, go to the Actions drop-down menu at the right-hand side of the page, and select Request profile deletion.

Upon choosing Request profile deletion, a pop-up will be displayed, allowing the user to type in their account password and select the Confirm Delete button.

Note that selecting Confirm Delete is agreeing to request for your profile to be completely deleted from the system. All data, except for your giving history, that is linked to your profile will be deleted within 14 days. After the deletion, your church will no longer have any record of you. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding this, feel free to contact your church for clarification.

Viewing Deletion Requests

Depending on a user's permissions, they will receive an email, informing them of the deletion request and the person's name.

In addition, Deletion Requests can be viewed by going to Contacts, on the left-hand navigation menu, selecting the Delete Requests tab, and choosing the View button beside the appropriate request.

Note: Delete requests are only for the person who requested it. No one else is affected, such as a family member.

Reverting Accidental Deletion Request

If a user of One Church Software mistakenly submits a request to delete their profile, they will need to contact One Church Software customer support directly to cancel the request. To do this, the user must use the email address associated with their profile and request that the deletion be canceled. The email address for customer support is

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