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How do I feature sermons, events, forms, and groups?
How do I feature sermons, events, forms, and groups?

Describes how to feature sermons, events, forms, and groups in the mobile app, public portal and other listed areas.

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The following permission must be assigned to the user to feature these records:

  • Sermons: Full Write Sermons

  • Events: Full Write Events

  • Forms: Full Write Forms

  • Groups: Full Write Groups

You can feature particular sermons, events, forms, and groups in a special area at the top of the associated listing in the My One Church App. On the public portal or within the main system, featured records are listed first before the others.

To feature one of these kinds of records, when viewing the record within the system, go to the "Share" box in the upper right and toggle the "Is Featured?" checkbox. Toggling this option will update the record immediately on sermons, groups, and events. On forms, you must save the form first. Note that the record must be publicly visible (i.e. the "Share" box must be visible) to be able to feature it.

Once featured, within the mobile app, that record will show at the very top in a horizontal carousel. Below is an example of featured events. Featured records will not appear in the main listing as well. If the user applies a filter, the featured section is hidden and the results will include featured records also.

Note: If a repeating event is featured, the next upcoming occurrence is what is shown at the top, and this will update automatically as each occurrence passes. Other occurrences will be shown in the main listing always.

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