Guest and Super User Access

Describes what guest and super users have access to.

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The next section determines whether the user has guest access or super user access.

Guest Access
Guests have the least amount of access to the system. They do not have access to view any people data (unless granted and if granted is limited to active profiles only) and can only view "public" areas of the system such as groups, events, forms, and sermons. They can also view and edit general and contact information on their own profile. They can view giving history and important dates. If selected, no other security setting is used. If not selected, the user will have access to the people listing.

This is the default access granted when someone registers for system access (from the login screen).

Super User Access
Super users have unrestricted access to the system. This includes account subscription, billing, and financial data.

There must always be at least one super user in the system. Therefore, the software will not allow you to delete all them all.

When deleting a super user, search queries, email templates, and resource requests will be reassigned to the super user deleting the profile.

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