Account Settings

Describes account related permissions on a user's access rights.

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This section under the "Permissions" tab of a user's access rights controls general access to account related areas of the system. 

Limited Account

  1. Can access the "Account Settings" screen and save information in the "General" tab only.

  2. Can view change log listing (Edit Cog > Change Logs). Individual change log items are still restricted based on Limits defined on user's profile.

  3. Can view complete listing of property values (Edit Cog > Property Values)

  4. Can manage list of system access request approvers.

Full Account

Users with this permission also have the Limited Account permission.

  1. Can cancel One Church Software subscription

  2. Can edit payment method on subscription

  3. Can edit subscription details (i.e. monthly/yearly, plan, add-ons)

  4. Can reset all data on account

  5. Has access to view past billing invoices

  6. Can activate SMS add-on and manage charges

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